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What We Do

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Neuropsychological Evaluations

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Autism Diagnostic Evaluations

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Our Mission

  • Expertise:
    Our doctors are board-certified in their fields of specialty. This means they have demonstrated the highest levels of competency in their field.

  • Empathy:
    It hurts to want to help your child, but not know how. We can help. We are here to help you understand your child, so that you can better help them.

  • Advocacy:
    It is our responsibility to advocate for your child, and do what we can to help them reach their greatest potential.

  • Communication:
    Our goal is to provide practical information to families, clinicians, and educators. We initially communicate our findings through face-to-face feedback sessions, and then provide a comprehensive and targeted written report to be used long after the assessment is complete.


I truly believe you are a light in the shadow of most doctors.

Hi Dr Jill…. “Jane” got accepted into school today for the fall. I have never felt such relief in my entire life!! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We are fully aware that it would have gone in a totally different direction without your intervention. Saying thank you doesn’t seem to cover it, but I do hope you know how deeply we mean it and how much you have made a difference in our child’s life. She has so much more to conquer but because of you and your intervention she has the CHANCE, the HOPE and in situations like ours, that is EVERYTHING! Please keep doing what you do, it is invaluable.

You cleared our minds of 10 years of questions, concerns and worries. Your evaluation, expertise and personable care were at the highest level of professionalism. With your diagnosis we feel that we finally are at the right starting point.

Dr. Kelderman, thank you sooooo much for all you’ve done and continue to do for my child. Words cannot express my gratitude and gratefulness for you. So, THANK YOU will have to suffice.

Words cannot express how much your time, generosity and thoughtfulness mean to me.  The family of “John” will finally have a roadmap to help them on their journey.

Dear Dr. Panora, Words cannot express what a blessing you are to “Jack,” “Mike,” and I (and sweet “Lucy”, of course). I include “Lucy” because a lot of my time and mental energy was focused on “Jack”.  Thank you so much for your explicit evaluation and sincere demeanor. You made such a difference for “Jack.”

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