Parent/Caregiver Training

Parent/Caregiver Training is a program that will help you learn how to best support your child within their daily lives. All parent training is individualized to meet each family’s unique goals. Dr. Honsberger will meet with you (in person and/or via zoom). You will work together as a team to identify which skills your child may need to learn in order to be more successful at school, home, and/or in the community. Dr. Honsberger typically meets with parents once a week to discuss a child’s progress, problem-solve, and adjust supports and goals as needed. As parents master strategies and children make progress, meetings may be adjusted to once every other week.

Parents and caregivers will learn specific strategies to teach their child specific skills such as:

  • Using the toilet independently

  • Brushing his or her teeth

  • Playing appropriately with toys

  • Developing hobbies and engaging in extracurricular activities

  • Participating in mealtimes

  • Eating a larger variety of foods

  • Participating in family outings such as going out to dinner or to the mall

  • Applying effective study habits

  • Completing homework

Parent/Caregiver and Child Coaching

Caregiver coaching helps parents and caregivers teach their children important skills with the help of a trained professional. Dr. Honsberger works alongside parents to identify goals and provide in the moment demonstration and guidance. You will learn effective strategies that go far beyond basic parenting. Your child will be more successful, and you will feel confident and competent in using positive strategies to support them. Dr. Honsberger’s goal is to help families develop positive relationships around learning so both parents and child feel successful. Parent/Caregiver and Child Coaching offers parents the opportunity to learn effective strategies that are much more effective than yelling, “Stop! No! Don’t!” Coaching sessions are an opportunity for parents and caregivers to interact with their child in a positive way while teaching them skills that have been difficult in the past.

Parents will learn and practice how to teach their child skills and promote behaviors such as:

  • Asking for things they want in an appropriate and polite manner

  • Trying new foods

  • Finishing their homework

  • Completing household chores

  • Playing with friends or family

Educational Support and Consultation

Dr. Honsberger has specialized training and experience in educating exceptional learners. She provides school consultation services and educator training in evidence-based strategies and techniques that facilitate students’ (and teachers’) ability to succeed in the classroom.

School and educators will receive support and training in areas such as:

  • Classroom management

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Facilitating student skill development

  • Creating a positive learning environment

  • Developing goals and treatment recommendations that improve student success

Dr. Honsberger offers training in the assessment of disruptive student behavior, she has expertise in completing Functional Behavior Analyses/Assessments (FBA) and writing Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP).